T’was a perfect May weather morning and afternoon for our first visit to the annual VINTAGE DAYS located at the Hartford Fairgrounds in Croton, OH. While we were hoping to see more antiques available, it was pleasant to look over the old clocks, cameras, and other miscellaneous items. The most unique item we discovered was a structure made of twigs, which had the ability to expand and collapse. It was designed with a similar form to an outdoor garden stool without the seat (both ends consisting of empty space). Many additional items were either handcrafted or reproductions of vintage style items.

We took home some found treasures along with some gifts for others: blueberry floating candles and wax melts (better deals than we could find online), a rabbit figurine made from a book (aka: book bunny), a little mouse made of pages from a book, and a wooden quote carved plaque with a stand. We were both imagining this event to consist of more vendors spreading across more of the grounds, but we still enjoyed our time. A humorous tidbit, as we were leaving, it took us a while to locate the car, so we have made a mental note to pay attention to parking numbers on our next venture to VINTAGE DAYS.

Lunch was next on our list, as we were hungry. None of the food trucks available at the event were appealing to us, so we decided to eat for the first time at Ghostwriter Public House in Johnstown, OH, as it was on our way home. The veggie burger made with quinoa and chicken sandwich, each served with freshly cut fries, were our entree selections. The proportions were just right to fill us up and we both were very happy with our tasty meals.

Still in Johnstown, again, for our first time, we visited Baker’s Acres in Johnstown. It’s the most vast & healthy greenhouse we’ve ever visited. The hanging basket we purchased is three times bigger than any competitors’ options, and makes many other location’s flowers look pitiful for the price of $30.00 (the same price as many competitors, but of a much higher quality). We took home a couple of additional lovely plants, making our patio and backyard space more alive with their beautiful natural elements. What a delightful day!