Agatha Christie | And Then There Were None | EarthScaper Reviews

We recently spent a delightful night at the theatre when we enjoyed seeing Licking County Players’ current production of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None directed by Tim Smith in downtown Newark, Ohio. With ticket prices ranging from $10.00 to $15.00, you do not want to miss this reasonably priced show experience. The set design effectively sets the mood when first walking into the theatre; the paint color choices compliment and reflect the backdrop of the ocean view painting, as the viewer overlooks a balcony set. The furniture too helps to set the scene for an English feel on an isolated rocky island near the Devon coast in 1939.

A lot of humor interweaves with the dramatic mystery of the story in the first act of the play when being introduced to the varied characters in learning their backgrounds and observing their quirks. All of the actors use physicality and expression to embody their characters, and it is easy for audience members to see that this cast is thoroughly enjoying themselves and each other on the stage. The more seasoned actors especially kept my attention; they were interesting to watch even when they were listening on the stage for long periods.

Licking County Players is a dedicated and talented community theatre. I hope that more people continue to experience this creative and active theatre experience. Whether getting involved in productions, volunteering, or attending shows, all help contribute to keeping this special place vibrant.