Pleasant Rainy Afternoon in Columbus!

Bob Ross | Antiques & Vinyl

Just a short trip to Columbus made for a pleasant rainy Saturday afternoon.  Our first stop was at Heritage Square Antiques on Bryce Road, where rows of antiques provide a plethora of opportunities to go down memory lane and encourage learning experiences on times past.  One also may be inspired with home creative home decor and unique finds.  We picked up Parker Brother’s “Masterpiece” board game and the JAWS soundtrack on 8 track.  We were pleased to hear such a clear crisp sound with this 8 track purchase!

Wooden Indian Warrior | Antiques & Vinyl

Used Kids Records located on Summit St. was our next destination; a fun place to look for a variety of new and used records.  We were especially impressed with their selection of soundtracks!  They even provide the option to give records a listen.  Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” & John Carpenter’s “They Live” soundtrack came home with us.  We enjoyed some graffiti art next door as we were leaving too.

Working in an early dinner at Condado on N. High St., we enjoyed some tacos with a wide selection of protein, toppings, and dressings.  This made for a tasty and light meal.  Spotting Lost Weekend Records just across the street from Condado’s, we ventured on visiting this inviting store who’s owner, Kyle, was most helpful and offered interesting and engaging conversation.  Goblin’s “Suspiria” soundtrack, Route 66 themes, and two Rod Stewart albums were vinyls we chose to snatch up at this enjoyable twenty years in the business shop with records in good condition!  Antiques, tacos, and vinyl were a great way to spend a rainy afternoon in Columbus, Ohio.