Arnold Schwarzenegger | Be Useful Book

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No, this blog is not only about the movies with the cybernetic organism assassin sent back in time from 2029 to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor. But it is a book about an Austrian bodybuilder, actor, and governor who started with a drive and a passion to come to the United States to make those dreams come true. 

“Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life”, is an autobiography written by Arnold  Schwarzenegger. He starts with his youth in Austria and his personal experiences are incredibly motivating and inspiring. He expresses the positivity of putting in the hard work and always being useful.

He talks about obstacles and setbacks that set all humans up for success in some shape or form. To push through the naysayers and be optimistic about what your vision is. It is possible if you put enough hard work into it! When roadblocks are in your way, go around, don’t stop, but keep going!

Arnold talks about his movie career that catapulted him to new heights from being a young boy with a  dream from Austria, Acting was his next dream after competing and winning titles in the bodybuilding arena.

Arnold then persevered and won the votes of California to become Governor. This is a huge milestone in his career and personal endeavors. 

This book is really good. It encourages, inspires, and motivates you to make real decisions in areas in your life, that you want to achieve. 

5 Stars

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