Bigfoot Festival Logan Ohio

Last Saturday, we took a little trip to Logan, Ohio to experience the second annual Hocking Hills Bigfoot Festival, which ran for two days: August 04, 2023 – August 05, 2023. Hundreds of vendors lined Main St. in downtown Logan and even spilled over into two side streets. It was packed with a crowd of people, many who arrived in Jeeps or Ford Broncos sporting Bigfoot decals in their vehicle windows or on their tire covers. Of course, a plethora of Bigfoot t-shirts made up for many people’s attire in attendance including myself. Some of the vendors who stood out to us especially were a talented mask maker (Bigfoot and the Creator from the Black Lagoon were my favorites), a company with all kinds of unique items from They Live air fresheners to funky cryptid art, Doug Waller with books containing Bigfoot stories, and Dave Spinks and illustrator team selling a uniquely cool cookbook! Also, with all of the authors and speakers there, one gentleman informed us of the Beast of Gevaudan in France during the 1700s, so we watched a documentary about that after we got home later in the evening.

Bigfoot Festival Logan Ohio

Walking on our way back to the car, we stopped in a local shop, Vintage en Vogue, and purchased a handmade mouse dressed as Bigfoot: a one of a kind creative find. We plan to print the photos we took at the festival with Bigfoot himself and frame them to display alongside our Bigfoot mouse. We also stopped at a tent with several Bigfoot footprint casts and were informed of free tours with HCCR Tours available in the area.

Bigfoot Festival Logan Ohio - Bigfoot Mouse
Bigfoot Festival Logan Ohio - HCCR Tours

At this point, we were hot and hungry and took a 7 minute drive to the Olde Dutch Restaurant located on OH-664, where we were given the name of “Medusa” to be called when our table was ready for us. We were tickled with that, as we have a Clash of the Titans display at our house and a Medusa planter is part of the collection. We found the restaurant’s lemonade and iced tea delightfully refreshing. A grilled chicken sandwich and a cheeseburger with fries were our main entree selections. The buffet provided was a popular choice we noticed. After our meal, we walked directly next door to the Logan Antique Mall. The place is packed with loads of interesting items. Browsing through the store was most enjoyable. It was a perfect way to wrap up our day trip to Logan.

Bigfoot Festival Logan Ohio - Logan Antique Mall