blade runner

BLADE RUNNER (1982) and BLADE RUNNER 2049 (2017) are both visually powerful and unique sci-fi noir films, but I personally find the visuals in the original film to be stunning!  This is surprising to me, as we have far more advanced technology and computer programming in recent years, but the 1982 film wins me over with its visuals.  The other massive bonus for me in the original film is the antagonist, Roy Batty, played by Rutger Hauer.  Rutger has such an undeniable strong presence in the film; he provides such a perfectly impactful energy.  Of course, Harrison Ford as Decker and Sean Young as Rachael encompass each of their roles magnificently along with the supporting roles of Daryl Hannah as Pris and Edward James Olmos as Gaff creating an ensemble of unforgettable characters and delivering resonating lines.  The soundtrack composer (Vangelis) leaves his mark in the film too- along with Ridley Scott’s directing (example: the rain scenes- WOW!).   

Nevertheless, I think BLADE RUNNER 2049 is an equally likable and admirable film, albeit for different reasons.  The story is full of layers and mysteries, encouraging the viewer to strive in making connections to the original film and its characters, as well as among the new characters.  Harrison Ford (Decker) and Ryan Gosling (Officer K) are the stars of the show and most deservedly so.  The beautifully written story combined with the acting of these two fine actors really builds a strong emotional tie and draws me into their world.  Again, the directing (Denis Villeneauve) and soundtrack (Hans Zimmer) are most effective.     

blade runner 2049

I got more out of each of these films this round, as I have seen them in the past, by watching them back to back. This time, we watched BLADE RUNNER one night followed by watching BLADE RUNNER 2049 the very next night.  It was in doing this that I was encouraged to think more about the story and easily compare the differences in the films.  However, the main similarity is that each of the BLADE RUNNER films hold greatness and encourage a reflection on what it is to be human and present a challenge to be a positive and real influence.