It was 1979, they came from Coney Island to the Bronx. They were outnumbered by 20,000 cops and more than 100,000 gang members! The Warriors stood the test upon their arrival.

This colored gatefold LP release is from Waxwork Records scored by Barry Devorzon. The film was directed by Walter Hill based off a novel by Sol Yurick. This album was created and designed by the artist Dave Rapoza, Double LP 180 gram “Warriors” red and brown vinyl, printed insert, and deluxe packaging.


Side A:
Theme From “The Warriors”
Nowhere To Run
In Havana
Echoes In My Mind
The Fight

Side B:
In The City
Love Is A Fire
Baseball Furies Chase
You’re Movin’ Too Slow
Last Of An Ancient Breed

Side C:
Wonder Wheel (Main Title)
Night Run
The Orphans/Turnbull A.C.’s Pt. 1/Riff Boss/Turnbull A.C.’s Pt. 2/Molotov Cocktail
March To Station
Luther Shoots Cyrus/Train Walking

Side D:
Baseball Furies Chase/The Fight
Into The Tunnel
Skater/Men’s Room/The Fight (Alternate)
Riffs Learn Truth/Platform/Warriors & Rogues
Platform (Alternate)/Warriors & Rogues (Alternate)

This album overall is a great listen. I give it 5 Stars!