Canal Market District | EarthScaper | Travel

Starting our Friday evening early in Newark, Ohio at the Canal Market District (farmers’ market), where fresh produce, flowers, and handcrafted items abound, we relish the beautiful spring weather. By the sight of many smiling faces, everyone is happy to be there. Some of our favorite vendors are the watercolor artist, who also creates little sculptures using wire, paper machetes, and watercolors, various plant and flower vendors, and a dog toy and treats vendor. On a past visit, we had purchased a toy for our little terrier and it’s still one of his favorite toys! In sharing this update with the vendor, she gives us a big smile and is most pleased. Soon, we spot a long line of people, and we see it is for the pickle vendor, which we observe many people in anticipation of their pickles most every visit.

Making our way toward the bookstore next door, we spot a new business called Roots Wellness Bar. Taste testing our selections, my husband decides to purchase a pint of “Beetnik” (beet, carrot, orange, celery, apple, lemon, and ginger) juice. I enjoy a sample of “Sunshine Shot” (pineapple, orange, and ginger). A small portion satisfies me with its rich flavor and strong ginger. The Edison lights, decor, brick walls, and unique jewelry for sale make an inviting space for the customers.

Just a brief stroll away, we step into Kicks Mix Bookstore; a favorite stop for us, as we have become regulars. The friendly staff, lots to see, fantastic deals, creative handmade decor, and playfully curious cats: Edgar Allan Paws and Margarette Catwood, provide a most welcoming environment to guests. Picking up a few stickers and a book, we are satisfied, but one of the owners at the desk kindly and generously gives me a book at no charge after I look through it and share how it’s cool and I thank her for her time, as the 1944 published book is not yet priced. What a nice surprise! As a side note, the owner has a true gift in posting appealing Instagram posts as well. What an enjoyable time in Newark, Ohio; a nice way to start off the weekend.