Coshocton Fishing Trip EarthScaper

We got up at 3:00 am, I fixed a big breakfast (waffles, scrambled eggs mixed with leftover stuffed eggplant, topped with cheese, & a side of toasted everything bagels) and then we headed to Coshocton, Ohio for an early morning fishing adventure. Coshocton Lake Park is a very peaceful and natural destination, located less than a mile from the city of Coshocton and Roscoe Village. Wooded hiking trails, paved walking and biking paths, and a few fishing holes are all free for visitors to enjoy. In addition, a huge public playground is available for use. An outdoor aquatic center near the campground looks like a lot of fun and comes with a cost for admission. There is another admission to the canal boat, as the Lake Park complex provides rides seasonally; one can feel like traveling in the 1830s when taking a ride on the horse-drawn Monticello II Canal Boat. We were visiting too early for a ride on this visit, but I have been on the canal boat in the past and would enjoy the historical transportation again one day. We passed remnants of the old canal while walking to our second fishing hole.

Coshocton Fishing Trip EarthScaper Coshocton Lake Park

We fished at three different locations within walking distance, but most of our bites were at our first stop. We fished during the perfect time, as we both got several bites on our lines, 5:45-9:15 am. One of us caught two large-mouth bass & it was a beautiful morning! On our way home afterward, we stopped at Dizurts, a bakery in Heath, Ohio, because I was hungry for their cinnamon pecan roll. A pleasant surprise we discovered as we entered the baker was that they had many shark themed baked items available as well. So naturally, both of us being fans of the movie, JAWS (dressed with the theme, my husband was sporting a JAWS t-shirt) and sharks in general, we picked up a lemon cupcake with blue raspberry icing and a sugary shark head to top it off. My husband also decided he wanted to dig into a Boston crème parfait; this was a scrumptious way to end our early morning fishing escapade!

Jaws Cupcake EarthScaper