Echelon 2049 | Cepheus 82821

New Band, Echelon 2049’s New Album, “Cepheus 82821” is Out of This World!

If song titles like “Ecliptic Moonset”, “Portal”, “Quantum Interference”, “Unidentified”, and “Starfire” don’t raise your curiosity, maybe the fact in learning some listeners share that Echelon 2049’s music decreases their stress levels will peak your interest. The atmospheric, space, and experimental music sounds like it should be a movie or video game soundtrack. Give this soothing music a listen, you’ll be glad you did as the creative melding of sounds synthesizer music calms the listener.

The “Cepheus 82821” album may be purchased on Digital MP3 by visiting and CDs will soon be available for purchase in the near future.