We had a fun evening at Natalie’s Grandview- Music Hall & Kitchen last night. If you’re wanting to add a Saturday night destination to your weekend plans, we recommend adding Natalie’s to your list. A pleasant surprise for us was getting to hear The Whirlybirds perform while we enjoyed our meal. The Whirlybirds perform every Saturday night at Natalie’s and with the audience thoroughly enjoying their music, it’s easy to see why. With a bass player, drummer, clarinet/saxophone player, and front man/singer/lead guitarist, this band harkens back to the days of big band music and each of them has a laid back style while thoroughly getting into their music on stage.

Being greeted by The Whirlybirds started our night off on the right step. Next, we ordered an appetizer that was a similar creation to mozzarella sticks, but instead, it was a large ball of goat cheese. This dish was recommended by the two ladies sitting at the nearby table. Once we quickly scarfed down our appetizer, we happily dug into the main course, Capra Nelle More wood fired pizza, which included a blackberry chipotle sauce, goat cheese, light mozzarella, caramelized onions, smoked portobello mushrooms, arugula, and roasted almonds; a perfectly unique combination of flavors. Can you tell we really like goat cheese?!?

Of course, we chose not to skip out on desserts with the baker being in the house, who even personally came to check with us on our orders. Peanut butter pie (we thought tasted like PB cheesecake) drizzled with chocolate and some sort of “sticky chocolate cake” (we think tasted like brownies mixed with blondies) topped with a fresh raspberry were our picks and they were DELICIOUS! Extremely satisfied with our meal, we went to thank the baker, took some photos of the pizza chef tossing the dough, and briefly went outside to get some fresh air.

Making our way back into the restaurant, we entered the music hall, which is a uniquely designed venue with a flashy bar located at the back with what appear like moss covered planets hanging overhead and a neon lit soundwave artistic design placed on the full side wall. We decided to check out the merchant’s table and each picked out a Cactus Blossoms t-shirt. Soon later, Two Runner (a two woman band) opened the show providing one hour of chill folk music mixed with bluegrass. A 15 minute break followed the openers, proceeded by The Cactus Blossoms taking the stage. Every song was a good listen and we were especially pleased that they played “Hey, Baby”, which had a Traveling Wiburys sound. Also, at times, the band may remind one of Bob Dylan or Duane Eddy. We discovered the lead guitarist is quite talented playing a 12 string guitar and his fingerwork can get on fire. We give the whole evening we experienced at Natalie’s an A+!

The Cactus Blossoms Setlist at Natalie’s Grandview, Columbus, OH, USA 5/6/2023

1. One Day

2. Desperado

3. Is It Over

4. Downtown

5. Ain’t No God in Mexico
(Billy Joe Shaver cover)

6. Hey Baby

7. Powder Blue

8. I Could Almost Cry

9. Runaway

10. Lonely Heart

11. To Ramona
(Bob Dylan cover)

12. Ballad of an Unknown

13. Boomerang

14. Please Don’t Call Me Crazy

15. Who’ll Be the Next in Line
(The Kinks cover)

16. Mississippi

17. Stoplight Kisses

18. Change Your Ways or Die

19. Adios Maria

20.Traveler’s Paradise