Gregory Alan Isakov Concert in Columbus

It was a hot night to spend a lot of time outside, so we decided to arrive around 7:45 pm at the venue even though the doors opened at 6:00 pm.  Our first stop was the merchandise table to pick up t-shirts and within a few steps, there was no line and we quickly grabbed a bottle of water and a giant mango and calamansi slushy in a cool souvenir bottle.  We took advantage of the daylight that soon would fade and snapped a selfie with the KEMBA LIVE! Marquee behind us.  Soon, we approached our chosen spot in the standing crowd off to the stage left, as we observed the kind event staff member passing out free little cups of water from a cooler.  After reading my baseball cap, he told me that I got two cups of water since I am a “dog mom”.  We were in anticipation of the band taking the stage while enjoying our cold refreshments.  A fog machine started production and that is when we knew the concert was soon to begin. 

We have never seen this venue so jammed packed full with audience members.  Ironically, often when I tell people about Gregory Alan Isakov, they have never heard of him, but he sure had many fans on this brutally hot night in Columbus with ninety-degree temperatures!    I had never seen him play in Columbus until this date, so I hopped on getting the tickets!  He is a Colorado farmer, so his concert options are fewer than a full-time musician.  We settled in to enjoy the show and noticed Gregory Alan Isakov enter the stage with the rest of his band members.  So many beloved songs played that excited fans to hear in person!  Isakov has a humble yet comfortably confident presence about him; Isakov recognized his peer musicians with whom he shared the stage, and had a soft-spoken voice when he spoke or sang until he appropriately needed to belt lyrics out in a song, all in perfect momentum.  During one of the last songs, we decided to return to the “merch table” to purchase two vinyl records that we saw were selling out online.  Rejoining the concert crowd, the end of the concert was as much a delight as the rest- full of indie-folk/rock tunes.

Gregory Alan Isakov Concert, Set List at KEMBA LIVE! Columbus, OH – June 18, 2024

    1. Amsterdam
    2. The Fall
    3. Dark, Dark, Dark
    4. Southern Star
    5. San Luis
    6. This Empty Northern Hemisphere
    7. Miles to Go
    8. Big Black Car
    9. Master & a Hound (Solo)
    10. Before the Sun
    11. Dandelion Wine
    12. Liars (Cover)
    13. Watchman
    14. Appaloosa Bones
    15. Second Chances


  1. The Stable Song
  2. Silver Bell
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