Home Before Dark by Riley Sager | EarthScaper | Book Review

Riley Sager has successfully written another thriller novel that I found difficult to put down!  Home Before Dark was on the “New York Times Best Seller List” in July of 2020 and I understand how it got there.  The first person narrative of the story splits, flipping back and forth each chapter between Maggie Holt, who is a woman narrating current day happenings, most of which take place in the house from her youth, Baneberry Hall, to which she has returned due to her unexpected inheritance, and Ewan Holt, Maggie’s father, through his first person narrative book, House of Horrors.  Ewan’s book takes place when Maggie was a little girl and shares the family’s experiences at Baneberry Hall (an old house with a tragic past on multiple levels).  Much of Ewan’s story reveals supernatural events and the unexplained occurrences his family encounters while living at Baneberry Hall.  It is these very events, which supposedly cause the Holt family to unexpectedly and quickly evacuate (escaping their home in a sense), never planning to return.  They leave most of their personal belongings behind.  What really happened at Baneberry Hall?  Are all of the events in Ewan’s book accurate?  Will Maggie figure out and remember what really happened when she was a little girl?  Lots of twists and turns hook the reader in this fast-paced addictive read.