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Mountain Climbing, Volcano, Lighthouses, Ship Wreckage, Lava Rock Beach & Crater, and Beautiful Valahnukur   Thursday, July 14, 2022

We woke up late due to hiking until after 1:00 am the previous night. Coffee, waffles topped with strawberry jam and cream were a relaxing way to start the morning at our favorite campsite, Greta Farm. After breakfast and charging our phones, we took showers, washed dishes, took photos, and headed back to the 1950’s small cafe (for more coffee) and the large breakfast area with vintage shopping and handmade items available to purchase some wool hats (one with a volcanic mountains design and the other with horses), which were made by Helka (the owner’s mother in law). The pleasant and homey atmosphere offered the perfect opportunity to visit with an Irish bicyclist from Callan Co. and the owner of Greta Farm, who were a joy to talk with during this relaxing morning.

We traveled to Meradalir Valley, outside the town of Grindavik and got to climb Fagradalsfjall Mountain ( to see the Geldingadalir eruption volcano and its dried lava.) This Geldingadalir volcano had just erupted less than a year before our visit in 2021 and happened to erupt less than a week after returning home in the States from our trip. After feeling accomplished from our climb and volcanic views, we visited a lighthouse and ship wreckage site, Lava Rock Beach & Crater, and ate dinner (egg Tai noodles and black beans) just outside our camper van with a beautiful view of the ocean, lighthouse, and hot springs in the distance. Our next stop, we got the pleasure of seeing rocks jetting out of the water at the gorgeous site of Valahnukur. It was also at the location that Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams filmed a scene singing and playing keyboards to their song, “Volcano Man” in the movie Eurovision. The keyboards continue to be stationed there, so we hammed it up and took some fun photos.

On our drive back to the campsite, we stopped near the lighthouse and saw a whale’s tail and the sunset. Again, we chose to sleep at our favorite campsite located at Strandarkirkja. We were amazed with how we had so much extra energy to see everything and stay up late in the mornings most days; we think it was due to the sunlight shining most all hours except for about an hour starting around 1:30 am, but it’s not even as dark during that hour as 9:00 pm on a summer evening in Ohio. Or, maybe it was all of that volcanic energy all around us?