It was 1976, before The Big Lebowski and American Horror Story. Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange star in the 1976 feature King Kong! I remember watching this 8 times, in the local Cinema 4 theater in Heath, when it debuted on that summer day. Bridges with his long blonde hair, chasing and protecting the movie star, Jessica Lange, the castaway in her daisy duke shorts from the colossal giant gorilla. (Rick Baker in his ape suit, knocking down plastic trees, and fighting a huge plastic snake).


This movie stands the best performance and screenplay in it’s franchise, in my opinion. I remember the loud thunderous melodic score as the movie scene opens. So, I had to buy this soundtrack on vinyl! This LP has all the elements that take you back to this movie. Published by Ensign Music Corp., wrote and scored by John Barry. Distributed by Warner Bros. Records Inc.

The album title tracks Include:

1.) The Opening
2.) Maybe My Luck Has Changed
3.) Arrival On The Island
4.) Sacrifice – Hail To The King
5.) Arthusa
6.) Full Moon Domain – Beauty Is A Beas
7.) Breakout To Captivity
8.)Incomprehensible Captivity
9.) Kong Hits The Big Apple
10.) Blackout In New York / How About Buying Me A Drink
11.) Climb To Skull Island
12.) The End Is At Hand
13.) The End

In conclusion, if you are a huge movie buff, this album is a must to get! You can also give it a listen on amazon music if you are a Prime Member.