owl palets cups

We attended the 3rd Annual Lynd Fruit Farm Memorial Crafters’ Event in Pataskala, Ohio on Saturday, May 25th. It ran from 10 am to 4 pm with over 81 booths offering handcrafted items. This is our second year in a row to attend, as we didn’t want to miss it after enjoying it so much last year! Upon entering the pavilion area, one of the first items I spotted that I quickly decided to purchase was an adorable large white porch bunny painted with pink and blue pastel accents on two pieces of large picket fence sporting a pastel ribbon around its neck to match. Forever Pallets www.facebook.com/foeverpallets offers custom signs, doormats, tumblers, and workshops too. The owner kindly held onto the large piece while we continued to shop. Moving onward, next we enjoyed meeting and talking with Nancy of Only Originals; Nancy is a very talented watercolor artist, who paints on used teabags. She shared with us all of the conscious recycling efforts she makes in her artistic process, which is quite admirable. Many birds and nature scenes are painted in her collection; some of the pieces reminded us of our recent trip to Maine. It was a pleasure to enjoy her work and get to talk with Nancy. She is frequently a vendor at Newark, Ohio’s Canal Market District.

icelandic wool warmer

Located directly across from Nancy’s Only Originals, my husband overheard two ladies talking about “Icelandic wool” and immediately took interest.  We inquired with the owner of The Naturally Warm Shop and learned that she used an Icelandic wool sweater for the exterior in creating a flaxseed and lavender microwave heating pad.  My husband snatched that up and used it the very next evening.  We really enjoyed conversing with the owner and a fellow customer, who happened to be from Iceland.  What fun we had sharing about our travels!   

After thoroughly enjoying our time in the pavilion, we ventured on to see what the vendors were offering outside.  We met a woodworker and his wife and kindly, the woodworker gave me a wooden heart carved from a Walnut tree.  Coffee tables, bowls, chests, and toys were some of Brown’s WhatKnots beautiful creations!   Our final stop was Glassware Creations by Sherry www.Facebook.com/glasswarecreationsbysherry; her bird baths creatively made of punch bowls and other old glassware were striking!  Birdfeeders, sculptures, and yard stakes were also some fun designs.  I selected an owl garden stake made by compiling a milk glass tray, glass chandelier hangings, glass stones, and candle holders.

Food trucks were also on site, but we had stopped for lunch at the Nutcracker Family Restaurant in Pataskala on the way.  The Meatloaf Stack, which includes meatloaf over mashed potatoes and a large slice of sourdough bread, topped with brown gravy and fried onions served in an iron skillet was delicious!  I opted for onion rings as my side.  For dessert, I chose the wild cherry milkshake, again, delicious!  My husband opted for a tasty Philly cheesecake sandwich and fries.  To read more about the awesome retro decorations at this fabulous nostalgic restaurant, see our 2023 previous post.