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“Messer Chups” from Saint Petersburg, Russia is a surf rockabilly band. The group was formed in 1998 by composer and guitarist, Oleg Fomchenkov, AKA “Guitaracula”.  🧛‍♂️

Messer Chups Albums | EarthScaper

The three albums in our photograph are “No Costume No Candy”, which is a 4 LP 33, “Teeming with Screaming Thrills”, which includes 4 songs in a 45, and “Aloha Swamp”, which also includes 4 songs on a 45. Messer Chups combines surf rock and traditional Russian music, as well as using samples from historical recordings, lounge music, and vintage film soundtracks.


Messer Chups Albums | EarthScaper
Members include:
Oleg “Guitaracula” Fomchenkov (aka Oleg Gitarkin) – guitar
Svetlana “Zombierella” Nagaeva – bass
Evgeny Lomakin (aka “Rocking Eugene”) – drums