Floral bodyshirt, Gabardine pants
and Platform shoes

Tony Monero Hits the Floor!

Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Soundtrack hit shelves back on December 16th, 1977 that sold over 15 million copies worldwide and topped the charts for months! This story packs a punch and gets pretty edgy with the soundtrack featuring “Stayin’ Alive” wrote and recorded by The Bee Gee’s. This serious minded drama features relentless young men on the sordid side of New York City. John Travolta fought to keep his character not just vunerable but also raw and occasionally cruel. Mr. Travolta, as Tony, is also a creature of pop culture, his bedroom plastered with posters of Bruce Lee, Farrah Fawcett, Sylvester Stallone (as Rocky) and Al Pacino (as Serpico).

Though this movie helped put disco on the map, the original theaterical version is full of strong langauge, sex and violence. “Saturday Night Fever” was aggressively down to earth, set and largely shot in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
This double LP record brought the Bee Gee’s in the spotlight with its snaking instrumental melody and sneaking beat, opener “Stayin Alive” is all cocksure strut and “Night Fever” and “You Should Be Dancin” have an urgency that makes dancin; seem like a life-or-death imperative.

Tracks include:

1.) Stayin’ Alive
2.) How Deep Is Your Love
3.) Night Fever
4.) More Than A Womanhe Siege Of Justiceville
5.) A Fifth Of Beethoven
6.) More Than A Woman
7.) Manhattan Skyline
8.) Calypso Breakdown
9.) Night On Disco Mountain
10.) Open Sesame
11.) Jive Talkin’
12.) You Should Be Dancing
13.) Boogie Shoes
13.) Salsation
14.) K-Jee
15.) Disco Inferno

This album overall is a great listen. I highly recommend this Vinyl