Stolen Serenity by Doug Waller | EarthScaper Reviews

“Tree knocking”, loud grunts and yelps, extra-large footprints, watchers in the woods, peeping Tom behaviors, discovering stick structures along forest paths, seven-to-ten foot long haired (and extra hairy at that) creatures with varied shades of reddish brown, black, dark brown or even white hair, and sometimes accompanied by a younger of their kind: these are all observations and experiences included in Stolen Serenity, a collection of stories shared by various individuals in Ohio and interviewed by Doug Waller.  I find it most interesting that in reading this collection of first-hand accounts, I do not recall one instance where the “Bigfoot” like creatures attempt to harm any humans.  A couple of people experienced possibly witnessing the aftermath of animals being killed, but even one of those first hand witnesses speculates that the “Bigfoot” may have simply been dragging road kill for a convenient meal.  This is the only one of Doug Waller’s books that I have read at this point, but I will be starting to read another of his Bigfoot focused books soon.