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This is the 40th Anniversary expanded release of John Carpenter’s The Fog Original Motion Picture Score from Waxwork Records. It features a 180 gram double LP album, colored vinyl, deluxe packaging, a 12”x12” twelve page booklet including unreleased behind-the-scenes set photography, and full album artwork by Jérémy Pailler.

I am a big fan of John Carpenter’s work in film as well as music. His unique and stylish approach in synthesizers is very unique and fit all his films great!

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The Fog is a 1980 supernatural horror film directed by John Carpenter starring Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Atkins, Janet Leigh and Hal Holbrook. The movie is about a glowing fog that sweeps over a small coastal town in Northern California. It brings with it the vengeful ghosts of leprous mariners who were killed in a shipwreck there about a century before.

The movie was filmed in the spring of 1979.

Tracks Included:
A1 Prologue 2:36
A2 Theme From The Fog 5:07
A3 Mathew Ghost Story 2:47
A4 Walk To The Lighthouse 2:37
A5 Rocks At Drake’s Bay 2:21
A6 The Fog 3:13
A7 Antonio Bay 4:25
B1 Tommy Tells Of Ghost Ships 2:13
B2 Reel 9 10:56
B3 Main Theme (Reprise) 1:43
B4 The Fog Rolls In 2:46
B5 Blake In The Sanctuary 7:43
B6 Finale 1:18
C1 Ghost Story 4:11
C2 The Journal 2:26
C3 Seagrass Attack 3:56
C4 Andy On The Beach 1:08
C5 Where’s The Seagrass 1:05
C6 Stevie’s Lighthouse 1:26
C7 Something To Show You 2:27
C8 An Evil Plan 2:21
C9 Weatherman 3:29
C10 Walk To The Lighthouse 2:46
C11 Dane 1:40
D1 Morgue 2:37
D2 The Fog Approaches 2:22
D3 Knock At The Door 2:12
D4 Fog Reflection 1:14
D5 Andy’s In Trouble 2:50
D6 The Fog Enters Town 7:22