The Only One Left by Riley Sager | EarthScaper

I have read all but one title of Riley Sager’s books and The Only One Left is my favorite up to this point! The Only One Left is a Gothic suspenseful mystery full of twists and turns. Sager’s writing hooked me from the beginning of the book and I did not want to stop reading; I could not just read one chapter at a time. A cliffside mansion on the coast of Maine provides the perfect setting for the majority of the story. The current timeframe is 1983, as the main character, Kit McDeere (with a possible sordid past of her own) is a home-health aide caring for Lenora, who is wheelchair-bound in a decaying mansion years after having been accused of a Lizzie-Borden type massacre. That horrific night took place in 1929 and now, Lenora pecks a message to Kit on a typewriter with her only mobile hand: “It wasn’t me”. With times of trusting Lenora and moments of suspicion, Kit starts to wonder if Lenora may be capable of treacherous and harmful actions. Sager weaves the current storyline with typewritten pages of Lenora sharing about her past through most of the chapters in perfect harmony, which moves the story along splendidly. Complicated family relationships, disappointments, friendships, and romance are also included in this striking new tale. I continue to look forward to Riley Sager’s next book.